*OH!* *I* remember what it was that I was going to post about earlier!

They’re opening a Hot Licks next to Title Wave! Mary Anne! Laura! I summon you unto Anchorage, for the demolition of a Prudhoe! So mote it be!

17 thoughts on “*oh*!

  1. Coming…..Be there in a few…

    Oh!!!!!! What’s the standing record on length of time in which a Prudhoe sundae was devoured by the Ravening Us?

  2. It’s a massive, 8-scoop sundae made with extra-dark chocolate chocolate ice cream, with two toppings of your choice (traditionally: hot fudge and raspberry, for our group), whipped cream, nuts, and several cherries. It is literally as big as your head, and we typically went down in a group of five or so and devoured one in less than seven minutes. :)

  3. Hot Licks… a bbq joint, yes? They had one on Walnut Street when I lived in Pittsburgh. Yummmmmmm. Their brownie sundae (which they shared with the jazz restaurant upstairs) was so good. :)

  4. Dean, who attended us all on one such occasion, claims it was worth more than his life to get between any of us and that bowl!

  5. Ben & Jerry’s has something similar but even more extreme: the Vermonster is I think *20* scoops of ice cream in a bucket, with whipped cream and nuts and chocolate and all that on top. It is crazed.

  6. I am *so* there! I think this time we will probably take a LITTLE bit longer…but not much!

    Did you know my advisor’s brother owns Hot Licks? It’s a VERY small world.

    HotLicks! Yum!!

  7. I so miss the old Hot Licks, before they moved into that lame-o summer-only shack thing. They had the best soup! And jazz!


  8. We should all conspire to make it up there at the same time at some point. We can descend on Catie’s house like a plague of ice cream hunting locusts!

  9. Of course, it’d have to be a winter visit….Part of the madness is the midwinter trek on foot, through snow and wind, just to eat ice cream! :)

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