*OH!* *I* remember what it was that I was going to post about earlier!

They’re opening a Hot Licks next to Title Wave! Mary Anne! Laura! I summon you unto Anchorage, for the demolition of a Prudhoe! So mote it be!


  1. It’s a massive, 8-scoop sundae made with extra-dark chocolate chocolate ice cream, with two toppings of your choice (traditionally: hot fudge and raspberry, for our group), whipped cream, nuts, and several cherries. It is literally as big as your head, and we typically went down in a group of five or so and devoured one in less than seven minutes. :)

  2. Hot Licks… a bbq joint, yes? They had one on Walnut Street when I lived in Pittsburgh. Yummmmmmm. Their brownie sundae (which they shared with the jazz restaurant upstairs) was so good. :)

  3. Ben & Jerry’s has something similar but even more extreme: the Vermonster is I think *20* scoops of ice cream in a bucket, with whipped cream and nuts and chocolate and all that on top. It is crazed.

  4. Laura

    I am *so* there! I think this time we will probably take a LITTLE bit longer…but not much!

    Did you know my advisor’s brother owns Hot Licks? It’s a VERY small world.

    HotLicks! Yum!!

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