oh for pity’s sake

Oh, for pity’s sake. I missed 40K this morning by 250 words.

Oh. Also, I figured out the discrepancy between the 250wpp count vs. Word’s exact count. At least, sort of. I’ve been using the font Courier New because my Courier and Sarah’s Courier were different (I don’t know *why*) and so when we’d exchange chapters, the fonts would get all screwy, but if I used Courier New that didn’t happen. Also, I just discovered that this computer apparently hasn’t got Courier. At least, not if I go into Word to try to find it. Buh. Anyway. My laptop /does/ have Courier, and if I use a 12pt Courier instead of a 12pt Courier New, the wpp/Word count is MUCH MUCH CLOSER to the same number.

Now, however, I’m used to Courier New, which is, as you might guess, a slightly larger font and is easier to read on the screen. If this dumb computer had Courier I’d print out a couple sample pages of it and see what it looked like on paper. (Yes, I know, I could go get a copy of it.) Anyway, so now there’s faint dithering about whether I should be using Courier to submit manuscripts or if I should just bloody well keep using the font I’m used to, which no one has *complained* about. I suppose I could ask Jenn.

Speaking of whom, she said my contract ought to be in the mail to me tomorrow or Monday, yay!

edit: apparently I can’t subtract. I missed 40K by *150* words this morning, not 250.

ytd wordcount: 39,850

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