oh good

Oh good, my homepage is back up.

Let’s see, what to say since last I wrote? I got up v. late this morning and am still sort of trying to recover from that. I need to shower and drink water, not necessarily in that order.

My vegetable beef soup turned out really yummy. So did the pumpkin pie I made. Today I shall make shepherd’s pie, and that oughta take up the rest of the rib roast that we had for Christmas. It may very well feed us for the remander of the week; there’s quite a lot of soup and shepherd’s pies are usually good for two servings each. Mmmm, yummy.

I got ahold of the woman who runs Rogue to Ruin! I’m glad, ’cause her email’d stopped working a long time ago and I was worried. :) All is well!

Ted cleaned his desk yesterday. Now mine, which is a disaster, is mocking me. Wah!

Oh, wow. I read the Alex Ross Mythology book last night. It’s amazing. It’s gorgeous. And he’s only 33 years old! I thought he must be, like, in his 50s. But no, he’s just very dedicated to his art. Wow wow wow. It makes me feel inspired to try to spend more time doing artwork. Which would be good, because I’ve got this project for Ellen I’m supposed to be doing… O.O Oh, and I found (rather, Ted found) my missing sketchbook, yay! I’d just like it to be known that I absolutely positively suck at drawing backgrounds. I want to finish this mermaid drawing, but I have *no* *clue* what to put in the background. I started by trying to do a shipwrecked ship, but it sucked, and blarhg. :(

Um. Ok, anything else I was going to say is going to have to wait. Oh, except the Bon Jovi This Left Feels Right album, which is an acoustic album, is very cool, and the new Britney Spears album isn’t. And my new MP3 player is. :)


  1. Kirby

    Hmm. Need to shower. Need to drink water. The opportunity to multitask seems self-evident!

    And yeah, Alex Ross is scary good. Back when I was running the Squiddies (the rec.arts.comics annual fan awards), we discussed eliminating the Best Painter category, or at least renaming it the Alex Ross Best Painter category and making him no longer eligible, because there really isn’t anyone else in his class. And he’s rather prolific, to boot.

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