oh my.

Oh my. The house next door is being re-roofed. The roofers must all be in their thirties, because they’re playing “Carry On My Wayward Son” full blast on the stereo they brought with them. I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna be getting a week worth of 80s music pumped through my window.

Could be worse. :)

2 thoughts on “oh my.

  1. But are they bare-chested and drinking diet coke? Ahem, never mind me, old commercial flashback there…

    (Clean laundry! Hooray! I just had to share :)

  2. *laugh*! Sadly, no. And…*peers out the window* And frankly, even if they were, it wouldn’t be the same as Paul Johannsen (or Johanssen, or however his name is spelled). They’re just not that cute. :)

    Yay clean laundry! :)

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