oh yah

Oh yah. I did manage to go to the gym yesterday, and walked a punky 2 miles and did some floor work. I managed, over Christmas, to put 2 pounds back on, and I feel like a blorty cow. :P Plus, now Heather’s *thirty* miles ahead of me on the road to Rivendell, and Shoka’s halfway to Lothlorien! Well, okay, maybe not *halfway*, but like 50 miles into it! I’ll *never* catch up! Snif!

miles to Rivendell: 360

7 thoughts on “oh yah

  1. Guess I know what Ben and I are doing this year! Making it to Rivendell got us a trip to Nova Scotia. Maybe if we make it to Lothlorien in good time we can go out to CA and hang out in the redwoods for a time…I’ll have to run that past him.

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