okay, some updating

Okay, some updating. First off, I have the coolest friends in the WORLD. *beam* I have gotten phat l00t from them. :) I also got phat l00t from Ted’s family. Phat l00t from the family includes a gorgeous set of candleholders and big tall candles to go with, a deep-dish pie plate (actually from family friends, not family itself), season 3 Highlander, Pirates of the Carribean, and some t-shirts; Ted cleaned up with steak knives and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and a really *nice* little weighing scale for food (it goes up to 5 pounds!) and a new little cutting board and I’m forgetting some stuff. :)

Sadly, one of the jars of pickled garlic we brought for Ted’s dad got smashed in transit, and so Ted’s parents had to open their presents as soon as we got to Fairbanks so that they could be washed and the horrible, horrible smell of pickled garlic removed from them. So the only thing they had left to open on Sunday when we did Christmas was the quilting tote we got for Ted’s mom. She’d utterly forgotten she’d asked for it, so it was a complete surprise to her. :)

It snowed 18 inches while we were in Fairbanks, and it’s snowing again now. Snowed a couple inches last night, too. Soon I will have to go take some pictures of the ridiculous amount of snow on our back porch. Poor Chanti can barely see over the snow now, and doesn’t think much of galumphing through it anymore. *laugh* In fact, if it weren’t packed down at the steps of the deck, she *wouldn’t* be able to see over it. There’s a *lot* of snow. It’s great. *beam*

The snow, however, was such that planes were neither landing nor taking off from Anchorage, so we got home from Fairbanks later than anticipated, but it was all okay. And today, Sarah and Angie said I could open my presents from them. Hee hee hee. I got a *ridiculously* cute fairy, and a soft plushy frog and a frog photo print from Sarah, and the plushy frog (whose name is probably Frog, because I’m very clever like that) is sitting atop my computer monitor where he will no doubt disturb Lucy a lot. *giggle* And a *very* cool children’s classics calendar, a Shakespeare Action Figure, a Gemini print, and an utterly ridiculous hat from Angie. Oh! And I got some delicious-smelling soaps from Patch and a new mousepad and small prints from Ellen and jeez, it’s not even Christmas yet!

Mmm. Ted’s making truffles. Mmm. Mmm. :)

4 thoughts on “okay, some updating

  1. *grins* Try peeling the very small prints… they’re actually stickers! (and the heavy ones with the black backs are magnets)

  2. I thought the heavy ones were magnets! I just hadn’t actually inspected that yet. I didn’t know the others were stickers, though! Cool! *beam*


    I bet Ted is doing 29562954 times better than we did. You should take instructive pictures at every stage of the process for us!

  4. Truffles vex me. Making the truffle stuff isn’t so bad, it’s getting the darn chocolate coating to stick properly (which involves chemistry-lab-like anal attention to temperature) that makes me insane. Insaner.

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