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Look, this is neither here nor there, really, but some friends have suggested I’m some kind of weird supertaster/smeller or something because I find wine and coffee and several other foods so off-putting*. I’ve never put much credence into it, but:

  1. I can’t use some of our silver forks because as they oxidize they begin to smell like garlic, and it’s disgusting when I’m eating not-garlicy food. Nobody else in the house notices this.

  2. I can only use certain dishwasher tablets because there are some lemon-scented ones that leave a lemon scented flavor on the plates and it’s disgusting. Nobody else in the house notices this.

  3. I just made brownies in a pan that had recently had a strongly-flavored fish dish baked in it, and, like, IT HAD BEEN BOTH HAND WASHED AND RUN THROUGH THE DISHWASHER and the bottoms of the brownies tasted like fish to me. Nobody else in the house noticed this.

So, like… :}

*I actually have a kind of working theory that I’ve got some kind of intolerance to fermented foods, because while I LOVE milk and ice cream, I have an incredibly low tolerance for cheese and can’t eat yogurt at all, don’t like sourdough breads, think wine tastes like grape juice that’s gone bad (and i don’t even like grape juice, so that’s just extra bad), find beer just plain disgusting, and can only eat really mildly pickled things if at all on the pickling front. Get thee behind me, sauerkraut. This could well all be pure horseshit, but the only fermented things I like at all are hard alcohols, which I also barely drink (because I get hangovers for days and it’s not worth it, not bc I dislike the hard alcohols). :shrug:


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  1. There’s a simple test you can do – search on Amazon for super taster test strips. I found out about these a few years ago when my son’s middle school science class was learning about recessive/dominant genes. All you do is place the test strip on your tongue, and if it has a strong taste, you have the genes. Might be fun to do with a group of friends and family.

    1. but then i would have a Strong Taste in my mouth! maybe! ew! :D (I didn’t know about the strips, that’s cool, thanks!)

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