Everybody came over last night and Ted made his newly-invented Arctic lasagna, and it was very, *very* good. He also made stuffed mushrooms and garlic bread (actually Mom made that) and I made a very large amount of carrot cake, and it all went over well. Lots of fun. :)

Then all the rich food rebelled in my system and the hours between 2 and 6am were sleepless, so I ended up sleeping until 11 this morning. Then I read the first in A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was delightful, and then Chanti and I went on a little walk. Just a mile or so, but it didn’t upset my tummy, which was good, /and/ Chanti is getting the hang of the ‘heel’ command, so it was really a pretty good little walk.

I have lost another 1.5 pounds. That’s 8 pounds since mid-April.

miles to Rivendell: 123.7

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  1. Arctic lasagna is a seafood lasagna (in this case, halibut, scallops and salmon) with cream sauce, mushrooms, and 4 types of white cheeses, so it’s a very, very pale (Arctic) lasagna. It was *incredibly* good. Wow.

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