I just blew out the power cord for my digital camera’s camera dock.

My laptop had been doing just fine with the power adapter/converter (I can’t actually remember which it is right now) I have. I rashly, and incorrectly, figured that hey, no problem, the camera dock’s power cord will probably just work right away too!

Instead it went *paff* and let out the magic white smoke.

There will be no pictures of the new haircolor. Or anything else, for that matter.

But here’s the bad thing: my first thought was not to go get a new power cord for the camera dock. It was, instead, “Oooh, I could go get a REAL digital camera!”

Christmas is a’comin’. I wonder how fat that goose is…

In other news, on my walk today I found the other comic shop, and the very nice guy there pointed me at Forbidden Planet, which is about twelve feet to the left of the bridge Dad and I have been crossing to come back to this side of the Wiver Wiffey from Henry Street. Sadly, it is mostly a comic shop these days, instead of being mostly a bookstore.

I also got a hat, which you do not get to see, because I blew my power cord out.

Two chapters revised so far today. 500 new words or so, and I think the next chapter is going to take more heavy revising. I’ve got to call Aer Lingus and then I’ll get back to it all.

miles to Mount Doom: 246
current music: Bon Jovi/Bob Geldof, I Don’t Like Mondays


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