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There’ve been a lot of good posts the last couple weeks about writing. I’ve been meaning to link to some of them, so now I am.

Neil Gaiman on, well, on writing.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden on why rejection isn’t personal.

Peg Kerr on just how wretched copy editing really is.

That’s all, for right now.


  1. Anna

    Thanks for the links, Kit; the Why Rejection Isn’t Personal was a very valuable read, because I’m going to have to be working out my “Don’t Take it Personally” mantra in another couple of months. ;)

  2. That wasn’t a bad copyedit. That was a good one. What Peg was describing was the text production cycle, and again, it wasn’t a particularly bad one, though she was rushed on her copyedit and galley turnaround times.

    Sarah, you don’t turn your book over to the copyeditor, your editor does. It’s good for you. It helps give your book strong bones and a glossy coat.

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