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It was a domestic sort of day. Ted and I re-arranged the crap on the bookshelves in our bedroom and reduced 4 bookshelves worth of stuff to two bookshelves worth of stuff, and put the extra two bookshelves downstairs. One is for Ted’s schoolbooks; the other is now the to-be-read shelf. Shelves. I haven’t counted, but there must be 75 or so books on it. Gleenk.

The bedroom looks amazingly nicer, and we now have a tremendous amount of wall space available and so I want to put up more art. ‘course, we’ve /got/ all our art up already. Well, most of it, at least.

I made cupcakes. :)

4 thoughts on “other stuff

  1. My to-be-read bookcase is currently 111 volumes, plus 12 from the library…..Nice to know I’m not the only one out there with an extensive “to read” section. :)

    This would be why I’ve tried to stop BUYING books, and start checking them out from the library, as I simultaneously work my way through the book case of unread volumes I own….

  2. The problem for me with checking books out from the library is that I don’t usually read during the week, so I end up not reading books, or keeping them long past the due date. Very unsatisfactory. :)

  3. I just noticed awhile back that my library card is a /regional/ library card and therefore good at libraries in about 15 different cities. Blink! Hooray for renew-by-phone!

  4. Our library cards are good for anywhere in the county. You can even return a book to any branch, not just the one you checked it out from. Plus you can order books online, and have them delivered to your branch. Then they call you when your book arrives at your branch. I do that one ALOT! And I do a lot of renewing of my books online too…

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