this is a test

this is a test of the emergency weblogging system. this is only a test. if this was real, it’d be on the front page. *blink*

a poll, sponsored by my mom

So my Mom called me up and polled everyone at our house this evening, and she wanted me to in turn poll everyone online, because virtually all of my friends have gone to college (whether you graduated or not is completely irrelevant. It should not prevent you from participating in the poll). She had two questions. The first: Why did you go to college? The second, a corollary to the first: What did you find most difficult to adjust to, from high school to college? For what it’s worth, my…

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Superman songs

What is it, do you think, about Superman, that makes us write songs about him? I was just listening to Five For Fighting’s “Superman”, and there’s Three Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” from a few months ago, the Crash Test Dummies’ “Superman’s Song/Eulogy for Superman” (probably my all-time favorite Superman song). Those three are off the top of my head; a quick net search also comes up with “Fire Escape” by Fastball, “Lois Lane” by Uncle Bonsai, “Superman” by Sister Hazel, “Superman” by REM, “Jimmy Olsen Blues” by the Spin Doctors, “Real…

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Bugger this. I want a better world.

I woke up this morning on the verge of tears, with strains of the Star Spangled Banner in my head. I cried in the shower, inexplicably. I came down to work, and read today’s User Friendly, and burst into tears. I’m still getting teary when I look at it. Last night I was getting ready for bed, and thinking about the reactions, world-wide and stateside. Thinking about the proclaimed war on terrorism, thinking about my belief that killing is wrong, thinking about how I couldn’t see a way to stop…

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cloning critters

So I was thinking, in the shower this morning (I often think in the shower o.o): if you could choose an extinct animal to be cloned/replicated/recreated somehow, what animal would you choose? Me personally, I’d choose the Irish elk. I’d like to see one of those critters in action. I think that’d be very cool.