Bugger this. I want a better world.

I woke up this morning on the verge of tears, with strains of the Star Spangled Banner in my head. I cried in the shower, inexplicably. I came down to work, and read today’s User Friendly, and burst into tears. I’m still getting teary when I look at it. Last night I was getting ready for bed, and thinking about the reactions, world-wide and stateside. Thinking about the proclaimed war on terrorism, thinking about my belief that killing is wrong, thinking about how I couldn’t see a way to stop…

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cloning critters

So I was thinking, in the shower this morning (I often think in the shower o.o): if you could choose an extinct animal to be cloned/replicated/recreated somehow, what animal would you choose? Me personally, I’d choose the Irish elk. I’d like to see one of those critters in action. I think that’d be very cool.

Just Kidding

I’m not really keeping a livejournal account. You can read my webpage at mizkit.com if you want to know all about me. :)