Okay, not off to the greatest start this morning, what with…

…what with my HTML lead just now paging me to say that our boss wants to know if either Veronica (the other out-of-office HTMLer) or I would relocate.

How nerve-wracking.

Chanti and I did just take a break to go for a walk. It was only a 10 minute walk, but I give myself 5 minutes of credit for having to wrestle with the dog.

4 thoughts on “pantpantpant


    Ahem. Like I said, the whole ‘pay for my apartment’ thing sounds reasonable to me. YMMV. :)

  2. *ACK* I’d think that they’d not ask you that, given that you were there and put such work into NOT living in CA again…..

  3. Well, there’s been a new boss since I moved back to Alaska, see, and he’s apparently very dedicated to everybody working in the office. :P

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