pathetic # of books

I read what I considered to be a truly pathetic number of books in 2002: 67. I’m somewhat amused by this, because what I consider to be a pathetic number of books is really rather a lot of books by most people’s standards, but my Mom read 164 (or possibly 167, I forget) books in 2002, and I feel that 104 is the minimal acceptable number.

So I’m going to go get a book and read for a bit and then go to bed. G’night, everyone. :)

7 thoughts on “pathetic # of books

  1. In your defense, you were *writing* books for quite a long time there rather than reading them. I think that should count for a bit.

  2. I was really only writing books for 2 months, if you’re generous with the definition of writing books. However, I still maintain that 100K words is a lot more if you’re writing it than if you’re reading it, so maybe it all comes out in the wash, or something.

    *This* year, I will not only write a lot, but I will *also* read a lot! :) But probably not ten thousand books a day. :)

  3. I’m with you on that one! I can read 32 pages comfortably in less than an hour, even if they’re 32 highly technical pages. Writing 32 pages took me the better part of a week. 100,000 words should be worth at LEAST 20 or so books!

  4. Yeah! Yeah, that’s right!

    Either that or I should get my act together a little better and structure my time. :)

  5. I obviously just had too much time on my hands this year, as I came out to 216 books, which is up from 150+ last year…but I agree with Laura, writing that much more than makes up for your reading less…..


    Ahem. I’ll stop abusing the caps lock key now. :)

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