patreon problem

The payment problem on Patreon was my fault. Twice I set the stupid thing to “patrons only” and totally missed the other place where I was supposed to set it to “paid creation”.

I’m in a really bad mood right now.

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2 thoughts on “patreon problem

  1. can they go back and charge me for the other chapters?? I wouldn’t mind if they did since I signed up to pay for each chapter. I hope that you can .

    1. Nope. Can’t set it differently once it’s posted, apparently. And it’s really not so much the failure to get paid that’s frustrating me as the stupid, stupid setup that made it so easy to do that *repeatedly*.

      I did hear back from them and they said they’ve just hired a GUI designer to help create a better interface so this kind of thing doens’t happen again, so that’s something.

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