Dad took a zillion pictures of Cobh and the house we’ll be renting when he and Ted went down there yesterday. The peektures are here if you wanna look.

10 new pages or so written. Back to the grindstone.

7 thoughts on “peektures

  1. Looks like a very nice town and the house is quite cute. One hopes it has room for out-of-town guests!

    When willl you lot be moving?

  2. Oh… oh… oh.

    I got pangs… actually PANGS from seeing those pictures of the brightly painted buildings and narrow streets. And the cathedral! Ooooh. *sigh* I miss Ireland. I really need to go back someday soon.

  3. There is always room for our friends, relatives, agents, um lets see anyone else I am forgetting? :)

    Just let us know when you are finally going to make it over.

  4. Ohh crap you’re moving again. That means going tobe off the net for another “six monthes”

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