Walking 5 miles around an ice rink is 1. extremely boring, 2. extremely stinky (there were hockey players changing clothes) and 3. extremely obnoxious (hockey players slamming pucks against the plexiglass *and* 12 year old boys who were up next for the ice). I also did 1 fast circuit on the weights at 1xMoreWeightThanNormal, but I’m too brainless to write down what exactly I did. Upper body, anyway.

I slew a bug at work today that’s been haunting me for weeks. *waves a little flag*

miles to Rivendell: 340
nnwm wordcount: 6203
ytd wordcount: 219,500


  1. Alix

    Dude. You need to get into hockey. Then walking 5 miles around an ice rink you can entertain yourself by watching the players.

    Then again, *sigh*, you’re married. :)

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