plod plod plod

I have discovered a new way to make writing less onerous. If one closes one’s eyes while one types, one becomes less concerned about the page count because one can’t see it. This does, mind you, require a pretty flawless ability to touch-type, but that’s one of my L33T SK1LZ, so it’s working out for me. I am not writing fast–the book won’t be finished tomorrow–but I’m doing a chapter a day, which is enough.

I’m also spending way too much time going “well if I wrote 3500 words a day I would be finished with the NEXT book by May 1st if I started writing it right away!” Yes, well, and if I wrote 10K a day I’d be finished before P-Con. One’s more likely than the other, but still, stupid brain.

All right, this is me procrastinating on the AAs, is what this is, so I guess I’ll go back and work on them some more. :p

ytd wordcount: 76,500
ytd km swum: 25.9
miles to Minas Tirith: 85.3


2 thoughts on “plod plod plod

  1. I have a question for you, from your post about buying new MP3 players and your ongoing swimming kilometerage. Is kilometerage a word? *GRIN* Anyhow… Do you listen to music while you swim? I bought a waterproof holder for an Apple iPod I had, and that part worked just fine. I could increase/decrease volume, skip forward or back, play or stop. But, the headphones that came with it had to be shoved into my ears and they just wouldn’t stay in place! OK, maybe I have a massive noggin, but I just couldnt get good sound. I heard of another type that used bone conduction from an MP3 player built into some goggles. Have you tried either of these? I think the latter type might be spiffy!

    1. I haven’t tried listening to music while swimming. Part of me thinks it would be REALLY KEEN. The other part…kind of gets zen while swimming and I think it’d interrupt that. The goggles thing sounds really awesome, though. I think it’d be hard to keep earphones in too. I don’t have a massive noggin, but I can’t use just ear-bud earphones, they fall out, so I’d probably have to go with the goggles thing. How nifty!

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