quick WFC report

This evening we went out to dinner with Juliet McKenna and Tobias Buckell. On the way back, it was raining and Toby had no hat, no brolly, no hood. When we were nearly at the hotel, a tall man with a large umbrella stepped up beside him and said, “I feel rather like Jeeves!”

“Does that make Toby Wooster?” I wondered, which we agreed might be somewhat belittling to Tony, but OTOH, he was the one out in the rain without any gear to protect himself. We carried on to the hotel, joshing and laughing, and I, being first through the hotel door, stepped out of the way and turned to make sure everyone got in all right.

At that point I saw the tall man’s name badge and shrieked, “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE GARTH NIX!!!!!!!!!”

It was not my finest moment. *laughs helplessly* But to make it even better, apparently Juliet had just done exactly the same thing outside the door, and we were both pretty well falling down with laughter at ourselves. Garth took it very graciously (“It’s better,” he said, “than ‘You mean you’re not dead?’ which I get a lot of.” (people have this automatic assumption all writers are dead.)) and we had a lovely time chatting after that too. It was awesome. :)

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