I’ve decided (not that this is of any interest to anybody but myself) to stop hosting a couple-three of the domain names that I’m not using right now. They’re taking up space and more to the point, taking up little precious dollars that I’d rather spend elsewhere at the moment. So OYL and LAS are safely backed-up and now going away for a while. I’m transfering the mizkitproductions site, which I bought in a fit of energetic enthusiasm for design, to an add-on to the mizkit site, and I’m still eyeing cemurphy thoughtfully. I really can’t decide what to do with it. I bloody love the design (which only works flawlessly in IE) and I think it’s a good idea to have a professional site. OTOH, maintaining blogs in two different places, especially when one is just a copy of the other (I post writing stuff on cemurphy, but not daily stuff), seems silly. OTOOH, I really, *really* like the cemurphy design…

(Which probably leads to the question ‘why not use it on mizkit?’ Well, because mizkit’s a personal site and there’s specific stuff I want to use it for. My own laundry lists, basically. Things that don’t seem appropriate for a professional site. It all leads me around once again to, “Guess I’ll just keep it, then,” and makes me think I should talk to Garrett once more and see if he can figure out a way for me to just automagically push the writing entries over that way. And I should continue to consider switching it (cemurphy) to an add-on for mizkit. But today, I will do no more than consider it.)

I’ve put 1000 drawings back on the projects list ’cause I seem to be drawing again, took LYFA off because nobody’s using it anymore, and, um. *Boy* I wish I could get ahold of the woman whom I’m hosting Rogue To Ruin for. Not because I object to it being there, but because I haven’t heard from her in almost a year and I’m concerned. I emailed her at all the addresses I had for her and at least one bounced, and another one sent to a friend of hers was never answered. *fuss*

Oops, I’ve left the yeast to start for too long now, must go work on the bread.

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