Recent Reads: Morganville Vampires

I appear to be determined to binge-read Rachel Caine‘s entire Morganville Vampires series (15 books) this weekend. I’m on my 5th one since Thursday and have read 2 in their entirety today. Or possibly 3. I’ve lost count. This whole instant download of the e-books thing is terribly dangerous, and what’s even worse is that Caine does not wrap her books up, she just stops in mid-scene, leaving the reader to go “AAAAAAAAAAAAGH” and reach for the next one immediately. And worse than THAT is the formatting for these particular books doesn’t give a 48% read or whatever, so the end just suddenly leaps up and smacks me in the face. They’re only, what, maybe 80K books, and I can burn through one in a couple hours easy, so honestly, with a little determination (and ignoring everything around me) I could easily have them finished by Monday.

*attempts, desperately, to stay strong and not buy the entire rest of the series today* *or tomorrow*

Aside from reading Morganville my big plans for the month are to do the STONE’S THROE revisions, get the Regency proposal out to my agent (it’s almost ready!) and, I hope, write a short story or two. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake.

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5 thoughts on “Recent Reads: Morganville Vampires

  1. ;) This, from the author of the Walker Files. I’m at 1+ books per day, and running out too quickly to have book 9 waiting for me. At least Rachel is finished, and you can, literally, close the book on Morgansville…. or can you?

    BTW, has “Joanne” watched the TV series ‘Babylon 5’? She and Ivanova in the same room would make Morrison implode into a black hole.

      1. I dunno. For someone who runs Linux and heeds the advice of Ford Prefect, it’s not improbable. Just think, you could blow a whole week watching it. :) If you were a lot closer, I’d lend you my DVDs.

          1. I guess I was too subtle when I placed her name in quotes. I was trying to sneak a peek through the peephole in the pages at the author behind them. I am about a year younger than you (darn those Wikipedia people ;) ), and Joanne’s quips… Well, I am jealous that I hadn’t thought of them.

            I don’t see Jo (who can’t glare at me for that) watching it either. Looney Tunes and Motorweek on a Saturday morning, definitely.

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