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Okay, this one’s kind of a cheat, I admit it. STONEMASTER is the (working title for the) second book I’ve written for my nephew, out of a planned quadrology, and about 25 people in the world have read the first one. That’s about the number that will read the second one, too, until I acquire an agent and a book deal, but the reason for reading it was to prepare myself for writing the third book in the series.

These are (from an admittedly biased point of view) pretty rollicking good adventures, I think, and they’re great fun to write. Or they’re great fun when I’m doing it right, anyway (it’s a 65K book. I wrote 80K of Wrong Book before getting it right), and just crash along at top speed from one adventure to another. It’ll be keen to get them out into the world sometime.

So I have a foolish and desperate hope of writing book 3 by the end of June. Yeah. Right. While moving. But, well, I’m going to try a Nanowrimo in June anyway, because I’ve done extremely little writing this year and my sense of self worth is through the floor.

So if anybody wants to do a June WriMo with me, that would be awesome. I said hopefully. :)

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3 thoughts on “Recent Reads: STONEMASTER

  1. I have a manuscript that needs about 50k more so, even tho it’s a sort of cheat, I’ll count with you. It’s got about 35k so far and I was hoping to do the thing as 3 pieces, but it won’t break right.

    1. Oh, I don’t care if it’s a cheat. I think NNWM’s strict rules are silly. :) Yay, let’s get writing!

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