redesign, if you didn’t notice

Hopefully this design is going to work for people. I’m already discovering Interesting Nav Bar Issues; apparently the nav code doesn’t want to drop down over the MT code, which is v. annoying. I’ll have to see if I can force it to.

Ah. Angie says it doesn’t work for Mozilla. Well, that’s not a good start. I haven’t even made this posting yet. :P

So the drawing over there is sort of an idealized me. I’m going to make it into a better drawing over the next few months, or at least, that’s my plan, and possibly the daily reminder of the drawing will help me stay inspired to go to the gym.

The dropdown menus are an attempt at space saving. Apparently we’re not off to a good start with that, between them placing wrong on IE and evidently failing to work at all in Mozilla.

The thinks to do list is just that. So I can remember things I need to do. Yeah, so welcome to the redesign…maybe. :P

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  1. The dropdown/flyout menu I’ve used is at You might give it a try…

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