regime change begins at home

I’m fed up with my ability to screw around all day and not accomplish any of my actual work. Because I seem to lack the discipline to be logged on to my social mu*s and work at the same time, starting immediately I will not be logging in to Too until I’ve finished my work for the day. This has been a public service announcement.

A couple of days ago Ted, who was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, turned on the back porch light, only it didn’t turn on, so he thumped the wall and it clicked on. He whipped around, did a thumbs-up, and a Fonzie, “Yeeeaaaah!” which made Shaun and I laugh so hard we nearly cried. *laugh* Funny, *funny* Ted. :)

Last night’s walk was bloody gorgeous. It was actively warm out and there were zillions of people out, and I saw a woman with hair like mine. I said to her, “I like your hair!” and lifted my hat off my head so she could see mine, too, and she said, “Thanks!” and then she laughed a lot. :) Her bleach job was better than mine, though; it’s a nicer, paler color.

We seem to have mice in the garage. Shaun went on a cleaning frenzy yesterday and plans to do more today, and then we’re setting Lucy loose on ’em. Why have cats and bark yourself? Erm. You know what I mean. o.o And speaking of Shaun’s cleaning frenzy, he hath raked up the entire back yard and trimmed the wildly flowering (not yet; last year) Pink Trees and it all looks quite wonderful. Then he cleaned the kitchen, including the microwave, which was really disgusting. I told him we’re going to have to keep him. He said, “Thank GOD!” *laugh*

I’m in a pretty good mood this morning. :) I think I’ve got to get Ted to start leaving the bedroom door open when he leaves at 4:30 in the morning, because the damned room is so warm during the summer that the weight of heat pins me down and I don’t get up. In other words, there was no writing this morning. I did finish last night’s edits, though, so I’ve only got 5 chapters left. Yay!

I got a lot of the stuff on my to-do list done yesterday. Not, mind you, the thing that prompted it… *goes to email that guy* There, that’s done. And I forgot to do laundry, so I need to start that, and I don’t know where the vacuum went so I can’t vacuum the upstairs. But overall it was pretty productive.

Ok, to work now.

miles to Rivendell: 429

6 thoughts on “regime change begins at home

  1. *scratches head*. Was that add twelve, subtract two? Or the other way around? I think I’ll just pop on before work tomorrow and check what time it is online then =)

    And can I borrow Shaun when you’re done with him? Only this apartment is all covered in dust after they ripped out the bathroom…

  2. You’re 10 hours ahead of me, Janne. And if you can convince Shaun to come to Norway (hey, he’s Norwegian by heritage!), sure, you can borrow him. :)

    I’ll miss people, socially speaking, too, but I’d miss my job more if they took it away from me. o.o

  3. Not quite time to give up the dayjob yet, get rich and famous first.
    Hmm, plane ticket from Alaska might be a bit steep, I think I’ll get some soap and water instead =)

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