Revenge Of The Pizza

No. More. Pizza. *Ever*.

Ted and I went to Bear Tooth and had pizza last night. I only had ONE PIECE, for pity’s sake. And yet from the hours of 3am to 6am, there was the Revenge Of The Pizza.

I shall spare you the details. Suffice it to say we got up late today. -.-

In more cheery news, there’s two inches of new snow on the ground!

In less cheery news, Ted’s directions to the place his class was supposed to meet today were bad, and so instead of going to class he ended up coming back home by 9:20. It’s not his fault, ’cause, well, bad directions, but it’s v. frustrating!


  1. Kirby

    I shall do my best to consume as much pizza as I can manage, in the hopes of driving the beast that is the ultimate source of it into extinction, and saving you from dread temptation.

    Hope this helps!

  2. MAW

    The self-rising frozen pizzas are easier for me to take, as is Papa John’s Pizza. Not that I get a completely free pass on them, but sometimes I can get away with eating them.

  3. patch

    Could be the grease- could be the tomato sauce, too, for the acidity. Or who knows. :P Kevin is very suspicious of frozen pizzas and scary pizza places now, having thrown up (and worse) three times to date on Itza Pizza from the Wood Center (which required a trip in an ambulance), Tony’s frozen pizza, and Red Baron frozen pizza. You’d think that frozen pizza would be safe, but noooooooo. He ate nothing but cheese pizza for quite awhile, if forced to eat pizza.

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