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Following up the weight loss doles with a one-two whammy, I got my revision letter this afternoon. It’s not bad, really it isn’t. Mostly some structural stuff, some motivational stuff, some, “Explain to me why this is here,” stuff. On an intellectual level, I can see without much effort that yes, these are things that will improve the book. No problem.

On the emotional level, it is only slightly less suckful than getting a rejection letter. *snort* I’m grumpy and sullen and hunchy-shouldered. My impulse is to slink off to a den and curl up while I lick my wounds and heal. This will, I imagine, last for about two days, which is about how long it takes to get over rejection letters, too. Then I’ll be fine, and get on with the revisions. I feel foolish for having this reaction, because my God, it’s a revision letter, these people have bought my book, they’re going to *publish* it.

Never-the-less, here I am, slinking around with my tail between my legs. I suspect this probably isn’t actually abnormal. Just… *slink*

On the positive side, though, I have very fine friends who have given me a lot of hugs and been extremely kind and sympathetic, which I appreciate to no end. I have the *best* friends. *hugs to all of you*


  1. The Papa

    I have to tell you, child of mine, that you are the source of never ending amusements. Your vague fussings and your fnrts and you just make me laugh and smile.

  2. mary anne

    I think the stars are in a bad alignment again this week…..

    You’ll survive this bit and your writing will become even better and stronger and when you’re famous, we can all say “See, she got where she is today because of our encouragement!” Taking credit where it’s really not due, of course :) It *IS* all you, because you ROCK!

  3. yer mah

    Huh! You didn’t even tell us you got your revision letter! huh!
    I guess a revision letter (or a rejection letter) is a bit like someone telling you your child is less than perfect. Not that anyone ever told me -my- child was less than perfect, of course. But I can imagine. *hgu*

  4. That’s exactly what it’s like. “But why did you BUUUUUUUY it if it’s not PERRRRFECT, WAAAAH!”

    Silly human. :)

    I wasn’t quite up to talking about it in person last night yet, that’s why I didn’t tell you yet. But now you know! :)

  5. Did they make Michelangelo “revise” the Sistine chapel?
    Did Da Vinci edit the Mona Lisa?
    I mean how many times did God have to revise the Bible?
    Logic be damned…we are emotional creatures. But don’t fret too much, that which does not kill us (outright) makes us stronger right?
    Hope you feel better!

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