right bastardly

oh, that’s right bastardly of Marvel. Instead of putting up a page on their Epic information page that says ‘We’ve stopped taking submissions’ they pulled the page entirely. No information at all, just a 404. That’s right bastardly.


  1. Kirby


    The scuttlebutt on the Internet (which I get from Peter David’s Blog) is that Marvel just canned Joe Quesada, President and one of the forces behind the Epic line.

    Which could be Bad News. I guess it all depends on who takes his place.

    Which isn’t to say that I really know anything. Just a connecting rumor, an early warning flare. Are those crocodiles ahead, or just logs? Time will tell, but I’m not going to start inflating my inner tube.

  2. !

    I believe it’s Bill Jemas who is stepping down as of January, not Joe Quesada. Jemas /was/ behind the Epic line, and they said ‘overwhelmed by submissions’ the same day he announced he’d be leaving Marvel.

    I’d be really surprised if Quesada was leaving!

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