miles to Rivendell: 398

Just 60 miles to go.

Wibbling over whether I want to do the Diabetes Tour de Cure in early June. Or, rather, I do want to do it. I’m just so bloody miserable and paranoid about my back that I’m scared to. :(

I can sign up for the ride all the way up to the day *of* the ride, so I guess what I need to do is in another week or so start going on some bike rides, to see how my back behaves. There’s a 16 and a 32 mile ride for the TdC (and a 64, but I’m trying not to be stupid here), and if I rode more or less every day I would certainly know by the end of May whether I could manage it or not. I’m just so damned tired of being broken.

*sigh* And I’m whiny this week, too. I’m feeling all down in the dumps. :/

3 thoughts on “rivendell

  1. Here is sure-fire cure for being down in the dumps – do a 12 step dance. That’s all there is to it. Do a 12 step dance that you make up your very own self and you will feel much happier. Try it!

  2. Oh, I nevier commented on your drawing. That is a really cool drawing! Where did you find that cool pic to draw from – or from which to draw, if you like it the other way around, and if you do (altogether now), you ought to be ashamed of yourself!

  3. It’s a drawing of a woman who’s on my livejournal friends list. She posts pictures of herself occasionally and I really liked that one. I was very proud of the drawing. Thank you. :)

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