saturday dinner

We did have a very nice dinner Saturday night. Ted made chicken parmesan and Mom came over and that was nice. So the weekend wasn’t a total loss. I was just grumpy a lot.

I just called the Alaska Student Loan people and found out that 1. my, and therefore presumably Ted’s, Alaska Student Loans have been consolidated under their new consolidation program and the new payment schedule (which actually I imagine won’t change at all) and the new payment amounts will be set sometime in the next couple days, so that’s very cool, and 2. that the state is planning on going around buying up federal loans and consolidating them this fall, too, so p’raps we can get in under that, too. That would be very VERY cool.

It’s not snowing anymore, at least. I think I’ll ask Ted to drop me off at Woronzof Point and I’ll go for a longer walk tonight. It’s more fun to walk in just one direction than to have to turn around and come back, I think.

3 thoughts on “saturday dinner

  1. State buying up federal loans? *perks up ears* Could you send me more info on that, or direct me to where you heard that? It would be great to consolidate all mine….

  2. Woronzof Point is the geographical feature formerly known as Whitcherfligger Point?

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