Shoos! I got shoos!

They are not nifty girl-looking New Balance shoes, though. The one pair of New Balance walking shoes that they had that came in wides fit *beautifully* around the very boxy front of my foot, and then had a perfectly nasty sharp curved bit that hit the inside of my foot just behind the arch. I can’t imagine that tha…

Uh. Well. I was about to say I couldn’t imagine that the nasty sharp curved bit wouldn’t poke *everybody* in the foot quite horribly, and I didn’t know why they made them that way, because who would buy them?

Except I have incredibly overdeveloped muscles just behind the arch on my feet from years of dancing. They’re miniscule compared to what they /used/ to be, but they’re still incredibly overdeveloped compared to most people’s feet. The first time Ted /noticed/ this (after several years of marriage) he said, “AAAH! I married a mutant!” (or words to that effect) and spent a while staring from my feet to his feet in abject horror. So, in fact, probably the New Balance shoes *would* fit other people just fine. Hnf!

Anyway, I ended up with some sort of orange and black and tan men’s walking shoes which Ted and Shaun think are quite nifty and which I think are rather ugly, but very utilitarian. Mom thought they were pretty ugly (but very utilitarian) too, so clearly they’re well-designed for the gender for which they’re intended and not so well designed for the gender which purchased them this evening. However, they *fit*, and I think they’ll be good walking shoes, and I kept the receipt in case they turn out to be horrible.


5 thoughts on “shoos!

  1. You no mutant!

    Actually you’re incredibly lucky to have developed those muscles. I used to get (and still do, come to think on it) horrible muscle cramps in my arch from pointing my toes in dance class. Not much good in Ballet. ;) But it carried on to all my dancing as well. :(

    Be proud! The red shoes would never do you in…

  2. You do NOT have horribly overdeveloped foot muscles.
    You have well-defined foot muscles, just like your
    mama and sister.

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