shuttle disaster, mark 2

oh, god. no. not again.

just a couple of days ago i was watching a ‘remember the challenger’ special blort on cnn. and remembering like i always do, the shock and disbelief i felt. And remembering the drawing that an ElfQuest fan did in rememberence, a picture of Skywise standing in front of a television with an expression of incredible sorrow on his face, head lowered and fingertips on the top of the tv, and below it written the date. To me, because I’m a great ElfQuest fan, that image summed up all the poignancy and pain I felt. Skywise, see, is the elves’ stargazer.

How can this happen again? God, how can this happen again?

3 thoughts on “shuttle disaster, mark 2

  1. I hope you don’t mind, but I quoted you (and linked to you) on my blog in an article called “A tragedy as seen in blogspace…”

  2. 17 years and 4 days after Challenger. 36 years and 5 days after Apollo.
    I think, if I were an astronaut… I would consider this time of year to be exceedingly unlucky.

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