silly lucy

Lucy, who typically sleeps on top of my monitor during the day, discovered a sunbeam on the scanner this morning. Now she’s sprawled out there. V. cute kitty. :)

Working on whacking the 2nd-half-of-ch.9+ch.10 down to a reasonable size. This is the first chapter where I’m cutting more than I’m adding, except it’s all hooey anyway because it’s an amalgamation instead of just one chapter. I’d like to get it and 11 done today, because I’m a little bit behind on where I want to be. *vague fussings*

Dinner and company last night were very fine indeed. And that’s really sort of all I’ve got to say this morning. Nothing exciting’s happened yet. :)

Oh. *laugh* Except yesterday I was listening to Ted talk to his mom on the phone, and he was telling her some of the stuff that I was up to, and I thought, “Gee, that sounds a lot more interesting than it seems when I’m living it.” *laugh*

4 thoughts on “silly lucy

  1. I mentioned to Matt Mannhardt that you’d been/are being published and he seemed very happy for you.

    Jennifer (his wife, & also sister to Denise Elsenbast), is trying to get published and will be lurking about your blog from time to time.

    Oh, and Denni says hi to you and Ted. :-)

  2. Oh, I didn’t realize I had to check back here for replies to my comments.

    Just happened to be swooping through to remember exactly what I had said. :-)

    And I shall let them know you said hullo.

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