Sleepy me, although I didn’t get up until 9:30. Lazy me!

We went to Paycheck this morning. It wasn’t very good. :) Much more a Ben Affleck movie than a John Woo movie, sadly. Still, it was about what I was up for, mentally, so I guess it’s okay, overall.

Then we went to Waldenbooks and blew a couple of gift certificates. :) Ted bought THE JOY OF COOKING. I went hog-wild and bought ten YA novels, including two Garth Nix books and a Diana Wynne Jones novel, and also GONE-AWAY LAKE, which I loved as a child. I did temper my impulse to buy nothing but sf/f YA, and got, um. 3! 3 whole books that aren’t sf/f. And I also bought the latest in the Elvenbane series. Then we stopped by Bosco’s and I bought the Ultimate Beast bust, which is pretty cool, and the rest of the day has been lazing around at the computer. I think I’ll go heat up some dinner now, though. Woot! :)


  1. I would just like to say, trying to type when claimed by a kitten that’s fascinated by keyboards and monitors is a very difficult thing. Anyway!

    Which Jones?? And were the Nix ones the Sabriel and whatever the sequel was, or… or… um? Er. Brain failing me. Oddly enough, I find myself enjoying YA fantasy more than a lot of new adult fantasy and sci-fi. Bother.

  2. No, I’ve already read Sabriel and I’m waiting for the 3rd one to come out in paperback before I read Lirael, because I’ve been told that Lirael doesn’t so much end as it merely stops, and I want to be able to read the whole thing at once. :) Um, the Jones is THE POWER OF THREE and the Nix books are KEYS TO THE KINGDOM: MR. MONDAY and THE SEVENTH TOWER: THE FALL. Or titles very like those, anyway. :)

    A lot of the YA fantasy and sf seems … fresher, than its adult counterparts, I think. I enjoy reading it very much.

  3. mary anne

    I have to agree…The YA sf/f genre does have some much more interesting material these days, especially on the fantasy side…Philip Pullman and Garth Nix and Jane Yolen, just to mention a few…

  4. patch

    Totally agree there, yeah. I’d add Tamora Pierce to the list, as well. I’m debating on whether I can wait for Trickster’s Choice in paperback or whether I’ll have to blow some craft fair money on the hardback.

  5. mary anne

    I really enjoyed the Tamora Pierce books also, but I didn’t think they were quite as fresh as Nix or Pullman. But Pierce’s books are a fun read, that is for certain. I’ve also had a lingering fondness for Meredith Ann Pierce’s books, which I think are usually categorized as YA. The Dark Angel trilogy was wonderful.

  6. tracie

    Ted should go find a really old Joy of Cooking book as well that includes dishes with lard and fat in them rather than the newer version. I mean, if the book doesn’t include cookie recipes to feed (quite literally, I hear) an army, what fun is it?

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