small bookstore accident!

Is it a bookstore accident if you *intend* to buy books? What if you only intend to buy one and end up with three?

To celebrate finishing TB, I went to buy the new GGK book last night. While I was at it, I got the Luna books, too, Catherine Asaro’s and Sarah Zettel’s. Much satisfied with this, I came home and started reading…

Black Sun Rising, which I’ve been promising myself I could re-read when I was done with this book. :) Besides, it was 9pm and I couldn’t start the GGK because I’d have been up all night reading.

This morning, I did not get up to write. I figure I get a day off. Tomorrow, though, it’s back to the grindstone. If I’m *terribly* clever, I’ll finish ch. 4 of TQB this week, although I’m only like 800 words into it, so it’s probably not likely.

I am, God Damn It, going to the gym tonight.

5 thoughts on “small bookstore accident!

  1. Yes it counts, but only just a little.

    And yes, you should go to the gym. It’s good for you.

  2. It definitely counts! That’s how most of mine are: I go in to buy one book, can’t find it, but end up with half a dozen others.

  3. Sure it counts. But at least it’s just a minor accident. I went into a UBS yesterday and managed to walk out with nothing. I’m a recovering bookaholic!

    Okay, so maybe not…

  4. By the way, Sarah Zettel is curious if her book’s being placed in Science Fiction, or in Romance?

    (Hey, soon you’ll be asking _us_ that question about _your_ book.)

  5. Science fiction! I didn’t, I admit, look in the romance section to see if it’s also there. I saw it initially in the ‘new releases’ at the front of the store, then when I went back to buy it, I looked in SF and that’s where I found it. That’s where I’ve seen the other Luna titles, too, which is where they’re *supposed* to be.

    I’ll check the romance section, too, and let you/her know. I didn’t know you knew her! :)

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