small bookstore accident!

Is it a bookstore accident if you *intend* to buy books? What if you only intend to buy one and end up with three?

To celebrate finishing TB, I went to buy the new GGK book last night. While I was at it, I got the Luna books, too, Catherine Asaro’s and Sarah Zettel’s. Much satisfied with this, I came home and started reading…

Black Sun Rising, which I’ve been promising myself I could re-read when I was done with this book. :) Besides, it was 9pm and I couldn’t start the GGK because I’d have been up all night reading.

This morning, I did not get up to write. I figure I get a day off. Tomorrow, though, it’s back to the grindstone. If I’m *terribly* clever, I’ll finish ch. 4 of TQB this week, although I’m only like 800 words into it, so it’s probably not likely.

I am, God Damn It, going to the gym tonight.


  1. Sarah

    Sure it counts. But at least it’s just a minor accident. I went into a UBS yesterday and managed to walk out with nothing. I’m a recovering bookaholic!

    Okay, so maybe not…

  2. Kirby

    By the way, Sarah Zettel is curious if her book’s being placed in Science Fiction, or in Romance?

    (Hey, soon you’ll be asking _us_ that question about _your_ book.)

  3. Science fiction! I didn’t, I admit, look in the romance section to see if it’s also there. I saw it initially in the ‘new releases’ at the front of the store, then when I went back to buy it, I looked in SF and that’s where I found it. That’s where I’ve seen the other Luna titles, too, which is where they’re *supposed* to be.

    I’ll check the romance section, too, and let you/her know. I didn’t know you knew her! :)

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