Smug me. Blew through 1150 words in 45 minutes this morning. Finished the rewrite of ch. 15. I think I’ve completely rewritten, let’s see. At least 4 chapters now. 14-15 are entirely new, so is 9, more than half of 13 is new, chunks of 12 are new. I was thinking that ch. 16 might be partly old and partly new, but now I’m thinking again. I might not get to re-amalgamating the original 15 and 16 until maybe as late as 18 or 19.

Ch. 16 is unlikely to be 15 pages long, so I probably won’t break 50K until ch. 17. Still, the milestone is visible from here!

Writing a book, for the record, goes a lot more smoothly if you work on it every day instead of farting around and stretching the damned thing out over months and months and months. At least, for me it does, MANIFEST DESTINY aside. I realize I started that in like 1997 or 8, but my reach doth exceed my grasp, or didth exceed my grasp, at least. I wanna get back to that book and give it another go, now that I’ve got another, um. *counts on fingers* 5? 6? books under my belt. (5. and a half.)

I notice once more that when I’m writing, my posts tend to be all *about* writing. :)

ytd wordcount: 11,600

2 thoughts on “smug.

  1. Dear Smug,

    Glad you got so many words in such a short tiny itty bitty weensy amount of time. I was sort of wondering how you were physically able to do so – then I remembered hearing you type. It sounds like a furious someone trying to crush all the keys for minutes at a time. :)

    Attsa my kid. :)

    Oh, what book were you working on?

    Pastor Murphy

  2. Oh, I was working on THUNDERBIRD FALLS. That’s my morning book. QUEEN’S BASTARD is my afternoon book. :)

    *giggles* I’m not trying to furiously crush the keys, though! At least, not in a random destructive manner!

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