Ok, so one of the reasons I wanted to buy a drawing tablet is because I want to work more on my 1000 drawings project, and I spend enough time at the computer that the two things seemed like they should perhaps go hand in hand. I might get more than one drawing done a week this way. Of course, because it’s an entirely new medium, I’m not exactly going to be producing works of genius, and if I manage to learn to do more than line drawings this year, I think I’ll consider it a coup. o.O None-the-less, here you go, my first tablet drawing.

6 thoughts on “*snicker*

  1. Wow! Your are getting good! I really like #’12 and 36 – I love line drawings. And do I recognize the model for # 35?

  2. You don’t, in fact, recognize the model for #35, because I took it from a photo gallery of models. Who did you think it was?

    I like #12 a lot too, and I’m actually pretty pleased with #36, which is the one I just did on the computer. It’s awfully rough. I’m going to keep working on that for a while and see if I can improve my skills. :)

  3. If I were good enough to draw a comic strip, Russ, I’d draw my own. Unless, you know, you’re willing to settle for my very bad drawings. :)

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