I don’t like being condescended to. -.-

Which reminds me that I rewrote a sentence this morning and it ended with ‘of’ and I was obliged to type, ‘bastard!’ after it, which is funny if you’re me. :) But then I rewrote the sentence again so it ended with neither ‘of’ nor ‘bastard’. :)

Went to the chiro last night and got my back popped. It was crunchy to the point of being humorous. I think the only vertebrae in my entire spine that didn’t pop were in my neck, which had absolutely no pops in it at all. Dr. Woody and I were both surprised by that. But from the base of my neck all the way to my lower back it went crrk! crrk! crrk! crrk! And then the 5th lumbar (which is where it’s really screwed up) and the vertebrae below it went CRRUNKCRUNKCRUNK! Very dramatic. And sort of funny. :)

Ted thinks that even if I’m not actively hurting I should go in every couple of weeks for a tune-up until I’ve regained strength/lost weight so this doesn’t keep happening. It’s probably a good idea. o.o Anyway, I’m still quite sore but doing a lot better than I was. Hopefully in the next day or two the soreness will fade. I still think I might wear my back brace while taking my walks, for a few days at least.

It’s a stunningly beautiful day. It’s also 1 degree. WAH.

Decided to give myself 1 day’s writing quota credit (1100 words) for every HoS chapter rewritten. I got 3 and part of 4 done this morning, although I think 3 still needs some more work. And it appears I’m still dithering about the whole world-building/note taking thing. Maybe I just need to have another little tally to for non-fiction story development notes.

ytd wordcount: 118,600
non-fiction notes: 2000

3 thoughts on “*snort*

  1. Who was condescending? Or is that just a general informative statement? I imagine there are few people who enjoy it.

  2. Going to the chiro for maintenance is a good idea. I’ve been going once a month for a while now. I just missed last months, and think I could probably push it out to every two months now, since I’ve been exercising and my back is stronger.

    But I hurt my back in … 2001? So, yeah. Maybe maintenance is good.

  3. A writer on an email list I’m on wrote what I thought was an extremely high-handed and condescending message to the list and when someone commented that she thought the author was overreacting, the author responded by saying she’d gotten up in a bad mood and nobody on the list had acknowledged her presence and so she was doubly insulted and that was why she was writing snotty emails.

    I told her to get over herself.

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