somewhat lacking in topic

No wonder I was so thirsty last night. I just looked at my water pitcher from yesterday, which is still 3/4ths full.

I only got about 200 words written last night. I was cranky and cold and out of sorts and, well, didn’t get much written! I did read a book and do a drawing, though. A sketch. ‘Drawing’ is sort of high-falutin’ for what I did.

And that’s about it, kids. Nothing to report this mor–oh, well, a small thing to report. Having dismally failed to write my 1500 or even 1100 words, I have decided that perhaps I ought not log onto Too in the mornings until I’ve written my quota for the day. Much of my inability to write at the desktop is due to Too, so, well, by removing that temptation and presenting it to myself as a reward, I might get my writing done early in the day. Except when work swamps me, but that’s a different matter.

So as of Monday I may start showing up online later in the day. Just so y’all know.

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