This is not turning out to be a “finish the book in one last big push” day. This is a “I got 450 words written and dammit, that’s better than nothing at all” day. :) I’ll try to finish out my 1100 words later this evening, but man, SOOO SLEEPY today.

Last night there was gaming. We had a ridiculously good time, although we didn’t *get* very far at all. We have, at the moment, four players: me, Shaun, Coby and Christopher. I’m playing Perry, a 5’2″ female paladin of St. Cuthbert; Shaun is playing Tomu (I think that’s the name) a 7.5 foot half-orc ranger (he’s sneaky!); Coby is playing a (6′) cleric of Pelor, but with an African theme to his character (whose name I haven’t learned how to spell yet), and Christopher is playing a (6’1″ — I’m very, very short!) wizard named Thorin Methos. Yes, Methos. I said, “Oh, I love you!” and he peered at the name and said, “Huh?” and we said, “Don’t you know Highlander?” and after a minute he said, “Oh! Is he the dark haired cool dude?” or words to that effect, and we said yeah, and it was all very funny.

My favorite quote of the evening:

Perry, to Thorin: “Thanks for your help back there.”
Thorin: “It was the least I could do.”
Perry: “Yes, but thank you anyway.”

Perhaps I’ll do a game writeup later, if anybody’s interested. Or even if they’re not. :)

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  1. *nodnodnods at Mary Anne* Yes, we liked that bit. :)

    *giggles at Trip* No, no. That was an OOC comment. *giggle*

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