Well, that was exciting.

I went down to the garage to get my bike to go biking, and I found a leak between our water heater and our furnace, instead. I immediately went AGH and called Ted, who said he’d come home, and meantime I fiddled around with it and inevitably made the leak worse and couldn’t figure out which thing to turn to turn the water off and so I called the ‘call this number if something goes wrong’ people and while they were trying to troubleshoot over the phone Ted drove up and he, at least, figured out how to turn the water to that pipe off, and so now the call this number if something goes wrong people will be coming at 8:15 in the morning to fix our leaky furnace/water heater/whatever.

Then I went on a 10 mile bike ride. I saw 3-5 moose and a HAWK! That was cool.

miles to Minas Morgul:
Catie: 190
Laura: 10

4 thoughts on “sploosh!

  1. Wow, I look pathetic. Never going to get to Mordor at this rate. Sauron is going to get the one ring for sure!

  2. 3-5 moose is ‘between 3 and 5 moose’; I saw at least 3 moose, and possibly as many as two more, but they may have been repeat moose, as they were seen on the way back. It’s hard to tell moose apart, you see. :)

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