Apparently I wrote a posting this morning and then forgot to post it before I used the window for something else. Sigh.

We’re dogsitting Annie, my parents’ dog, while my parents are in New Mexico for a week. Annie is an old dog who doesn’t want to be bothered by children; Chanti is a new dog who wants to play with everybody. They’re going to drive me completely batshit. Hopefully they’ll get used to one another quickly enough to not make me entirely crazy.

I did, though, call West High and find out that their lap swim hours are 5:30-7am, which is very reasonable. I have to figure out where to go to buy a month pass, now. Something to do with the municipality; I’m hoping they’ll be open tomorrow. I’ll call and find out.

Mom and Dad bought a nifty Toshiba digital camera and brought it over last night for me to play with. I’ve kind of got camera envy now, ’cause it’s nicer than mine. :)

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