such a geek :)

You will either get this, or you will not. :)

I got my Salvador Larroca X-Women lithograph today (it came in an *entirely* unnecessarily large tube!) and this evening we went over to the art gallery to get it framed. It took quite a while to decide on the framing, because lots of colors, very vibrant, and we had a mat we liked a lot that we couldn’t find a frame to go with, so after a while we switched mats…

…and because we are Great Big Geeks, we ended up using blue and gold matting.


3 thoughts on “such a geek :)

  1. Yep. You’re a giant geek. Er. Catie is. Not you, R. Though, well, you’re a geek too, but .. um. I’m going to start digging over here.

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