I swimmed! 1800 yards. It was nice. My ears are not too watery today. I have an Amazingly Ugly Bruise on the top of my right foot. Ted and I discussed the possibility that it was caused by the dog jumping on my foot, but we decided it was more likely to be the Foot Gnomes. After further discussion, we realized that probably the Foot Gnomes liked to chase the cats, which is why cats suddenly leap up and run around the house like fools for no apparent reason. Furthermore, it became clear to us that the Foot Gnomes are beating Zilli up, since he keeps getting scratches on his face. We’re considering calling an exterminator.

SO HUNGRY. Having an apple with a little bit of peanutbutter, as a treat.

Jai has learned to eat her baked potatoes with no butter or salt. I’m amazed. And a trifle envious!

Speaking of Jai, we went to see The Two Towers again last night. Well, it was again for me; she hadn’t seen it. About forty seconds after Legolas does the Really Cool Thing, she leaned over and said, “Okay, I have to come see this again.” Which is just what I expected her to say. *giggle* So we really enjoyed ourselves. It was lotsa fun. And Jai looks great. And she’s got a VW Bug! It’s light blue! It’s roomier inside than I expected it to be. It’s very cool.

My puppy is looking avariciously at my apple. Ooh, two points for me for using a ten cent word before nine in the morning! (I should swim every day. It makes me chipper!)

5 thoughts on “swimmed!

  1. I don’t know, but I’m *quite* sure Foot Gnomes are related to the Laundry Gnomes who steal socks. I think they’re in cahoots!

  2. What about the spoon gnomes that make sure that every spoon is dirty in the morning when you want a bowl of cereal?

  3. See, I’m sensing a theme here. I’m thinking that the Spoon Gnomes are probably in it with the Toaster Gnomes, given that they’re all kitchen sorts of gnomes, whereas the Foot Gnomes and the Laundry Gnomes are a whole different subset.

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