swimming good.

Swimming good. 1800 yards today, marginally better than yesterday. If I keep adding 200 yards a workout, in another week or so I’ll be at a decent swim. Although, honestly, I’m trying not to overdo it. My back hasn’t freaked out yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paranoid.

No swimming tomorrow. Tomorrow, tap class. Saturday swimming would be good, though. And it’s supposed to warm up to the 20s, so I’ll probably walk some more. Wretched cold slippery weather.

Going to go feast on the flesh of spaghettis now, and watch Smallville. Tomorrow, a chapter before Elektra, a chapter *after* Elektra, and then gamey goodness. Yes. So mote it be.

ytd yards swum: 3400

5 thoughts on “swimming good.

  1. > Going to go feast on the flesh of spaghettis now


    (Yes, I’m in a silly mood today)

  2. You are both exceedingly silly. There. That settles that.

    For the health of your back and mental attitude, it would be wisest to add 200 yards a week. You can try to increase your speed at each level, but there is no sense in tempting fate.

  3. Well, if I don’t swim more than 45 minutes, I can’t really go past 2000 or so yards, ’cause I’m not fast enough, so that’s how I’m curtailing myself right now. :}

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