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    Apparently I’m a question in the X-Box Trivial Pursuit game. “What city does C.E. Murphy’s Negotiator series take place in?”


    No, let me repeat: *buh*!

    In other news it has just struck me that the 10 pages of “Hot Time” I wrote today may have all just gotten me up to the beginning. This is…somewhat dismaying. I’ve written well over 6000 words on it so far. It’d be nice if more than half of that was useable. o.O

    I’m now going to spend the entire weekend playing City of Heroes, ’cause it’s DoubleXP weekend. :)

    miles to Minas Tirith: 538
    ytd wordcount: 201,200 (look! I broke 200K for the year!)

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    new computer!

    I had a dream in the middle of the night that Ardian had gotten a huge gig with one of the big comic book companies and I was so excited about it I woke myself up. *laughs and laughs*

    I got paid today. We’ve been putting off buying a new desktop computer for over a year (Ted’s crashed … a long time ago, and mine crashed a year ago January and then another one, given to us as a replacement, went down in…well, before we moved to Longford), and so we put aside part of the last paycheck and took part of this one and went and bought a Shiny New Computer which we can play City of Heroes on straight out of the box (well, aside from the having to download four and a half years worth of updates for the game). It has a 22 inch monitor, which looks ridiculous. Ted keeps shouting, “Huge tracts of land!” as he’s installing stuff. :)

    *slavers* City of Heroes! Only I probably won’t be able to play until like late next week ’cause we’re going to Dublin on Sunday. Hrmph. :)

    ytd wordcount: 52,300
    miles to Minas Tirith: 19.4

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    I could really go for a foot massage. Instead I get, um, well, to work on a grant application. Not as much fun, I think, although if I get the grant it will put me in line for Big Lots Of Exhausting Fun. So I guess when I look at it that way it’s not bad. :)

    *eyes the CoH updater* Right. If I get busy, I can probably get the grant done before the updater’s finished applying the patch, which will then permit me to play Issue 12 without feeling any guilt about Things I Should Be Doing, which list is no doubt legion, but I don’ care. *squinchy face*

    First-letter meme behind the cut…

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    up and running

    New computer is up and running, thanks be to Myles for providing it and Ted for doing the heavy lifting. Don’t have the files moved over from the old hard drive yet, but I’ve got the important things installed: City of Heroes, and SimpleMU*. :)

    I have managed a whacking 1011 words today, which is not exactly covering myself in glory, although at least it made the 1K wordcount. Still, I don’t think I’m going to do more, as this was a morning when I found myself cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the hall in order to avoid writing. I think I’ll go…

    …that sentence was supposed to finish–oh dear, this computer’s set up to a UK keyboard layout. Going to have to fix that. *searches for the ” key* Right. Where was I. Supposed to finish with “see Enchanted again”, but having just looked at the times it’s playing, I’ve missed it. Oops. They changed the schedule, like it was Friday or something. Doity bastads. Man, I wonder if that means I should go back to work.

    Naaah. I’ll go for a walk instead.

    In the rain. o.O

    ytd wordcount: 22,700

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