just stuff

Happy BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTHDAY dear DEIIIIIIIIIIRDRE! Happy birthday to YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! I am attempting to introduce this thing called a “weekend” into my life. My understanding is that “weekends” are like mini-vacations (which are not, it seems, tiny versions of where the Pope lives, after all) and come around every days. We went grocery shopping this morning. Ted said this was normal “weekend” behavior. I find participating in typical human rituals fascinating… We went into Dublin briefly yesterday. While having lunch, we saw James Cromwell. At least, I did. Ted is quite certain…

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insights into the inner workings of a kit

This morning the cats were hanging about staring lustfully at my cereal bowl and its milk, and I said, “You two are vultures,” to them. I was then reminded of how, when I was a child and sulking, my mother would say to me, “If keep sticking your lip out any farther, a condor is going to come sit on it.” This annoyed the holy living bejeezus out of me. Not because I wanted to sulk (though that was part of why it annoyed me, of course), but because I…

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I am annoyingly perky. I can tell, because I annoyed my husband. :) We went to the gym this morning, see, and I swam a mile and exercise always perks me up. So I was kind of bouncing around the house getting ready to go out again and do errands (I have FINALLY sent all the books I was supposed to send! If I owe you one, and you do not get it by around the 22nd, please let me know!) and Ted said, “You’re *exhausting* me.” Oops. O.O :)…

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today is a day for minutia

Yesterday I took the day off (not so much because of the failed computer, because I write on a different computer, but because I needed it) and worked on my sunburn. It was practically the only opportunity there’s been this summer to work on it, so I did a nice job: That comparatively white stripe there is where my purse strap was slung across my body. A wise and clever Kit I am not. Yesterday my husband carried a tree home. I admired his manliness. :) It’s an apple tree!…

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publicity shots

Deirdre came out to Longford on Tuesday to do a photo shoot for publicity shots for the arts festival she’s participating in this fall. She gave me permission to post the three shots we settled on as her portfolio, so I’m doing so. We’re both very pleased with the results! Click through for larger versions of the photos. I hadn’t done anything even vaguely resembling a studio shoot in *years*. I’d forgotten how much I loved it. Back to unpacking now. :)