On Running Crowdfunding: Rewards

Picking up on yesterday’s crowdfunding commentary: What sorts of rewards would be attractive? Rewards are the hardest thing about crowdfunding, I think. (Except for the general nerve-wracking “I’m throwing a party and wonder if anybody will come!” aspect of it.) Your basic reward for crowdfunded storytelling is the story. $5 …


Congratulations to the “No Dominion” Kickstarter patrons, who have funded themselves a novel. The wordcount is currently at 40,200 words and climbing. By SFWA standards, 40K is a short novel, and I figure I’ve got 5-10K left to write. Wow. 15200 / 50000 (30.40%)


“No Dominion” is now 30,005 words long, making it officially the longest novella I’ve ever written. It is possible I have reached the halfway point and don’t yet know it, but I have definitely *not* reached the halfway point of the second section, which is currently 10,000 words long. I …

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