two things make a post!

My editor just emailed to let me know THE QUEEN’S BASTARD has gone back to print for the fifth time. *dancies around and thanks all of you wonderful people who buy my books!* Via , Bay Area resident is trying to find homes for 3 kittens. They are very very cute (of course they are), so if you’re a Bay Area person looking for a kitten, perhaps this is your opportunity. miles to Minas Tirith: 295.5


Dude! The bidding on the auction items (Tuckerization here, gift basket here) shot up after yesterday’s post. There will be a give-away of A FANTASY MEDLEY advanced reader copy on…Tuesday, June 2, because I’ll be on vacation on the 1st. :) If the combined price of both items goes past, let’s see, what’s dramatic enough? The combined price is currently at $305. If it goes past $450 I’ll write a new Walker Papers or Old Races short story (the high bidders get to choose) for my insanely generous blog readers.…

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Today, my good people, is Release Day! THE PRETENDER’S CROWN, Book Two of the Inheritors’ Cycle, is on the shelves! I’ve written a bit about it here, at (Random House’s sf/f website, where I’ll be posting weekly in the future), and now I come to do the dance of joy at my own website. :) This is 8th C.E. Murphy book since June 2005 (10th if you count the anthologies), and my 13th published work in that same time frame. It puts me very, *very* close to the absolute…

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contest winner

Holy crap. Only three people entered the TPC give-away contest, but they did a bloody fantastic job. In the end, I’ve chosen the one with my favorite suggestion for Belinda, although some of the other casting ideas were inspired. So the winner is Thao Nguyen from Facebook, who gave the following cast for THE QUEEN’S BASTARD: Belinda – Michelle Trachtenberg Javier – Kyle Schmid Lorraine Walter – Tilda Swinton Eliza Beaulieu – Natalie Portman Lord Drake – Eric Braeden Marius Poulin – Henry Cavill Sacha Asselin – Paul Walker Sandalia…

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I have just received two early copies of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN. It is, in my ever-so-humble opinion, absolutely beautiful. In fact, it’s so pretty it makes me want to re-read it, which isn’t all that usual. :) So! I have two copies. One must go on my Shelf Of Books I Wrote, but the other, I think, cries out to be sent into the world. So there will be a contest! Ted has suggested a Casting Call Contest. I will be the director. You will be the Casting Agents. The…

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