Jon Bon Jovi

“Gospel Truth” playlist

I started a new playlist the other night, “Gospel Truth,” which currently contains the following songs: Alison Krauss: Down By The River To Pray Kansas: Wayward Son Rufus Wainwright: Hallelujah Zulu Tradition: Hallelujah Cole Porter (Kevin Kline, De-Lovely): Blow Gabriel Blow Bon Jovi: Keep The Faith, Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars Jon Bon Jovi: Bang A Drum Guys & Dolls: Siddown You’re Rockin The Boat, Luck Be A Lady Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams (this may go, not sure yet), Out Of The Woods Queen: Who Wants To…

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The Great Digital Move

I have just about completed ripping our CDs. This is a task that has been done in the past, but I’ve been unable to find the damn drive upon which the old rips were saved, and probably a new rip (10+ years later) is better quality anyway (it’s certainly faster), and because I have little need to own physical CDs, it will reduce our physical possessions by some percentage when I’m done. I’m trying hard to buy music digitally now, although mostly that means I just forget to buy it…

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Young Indiana’s Song of Sorrow

A certain young man does not wish to go to sleep. He is serenading me from his bedroom. His song goes like this (and this is verbatim, I’m typing as he sings): We’re a mom and son Moooom and son and we have to stick together or we’ll (mumble) and that would be unnecessary and i’d be sad forever and you’d be sad too! because i’d be sad until the end! of! this! day!” Please listen to me or it will be the end of the world and we won’t…

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Cyber…Tuesday…late… o.o

I am doing a MID-WEEK ROUNDUP of AWESOME CYBER STUFF! 1. Judith Tarr’s HORSES OF THE MOON Kickstarter is 80% of the way to funded! I personally *dearly* want it to hit the 6500 mark and get us THREE novellas, which might be just enough to satisfy my grabby little hands! :) 2. SIX BY SIX is a fantastic looking anthology with 6 stories each by 6 authors. I admire the whole idea of it and, uh, am jealous of the people doing it, if you wanna know so much.…

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Internet Fast

Going off-line for a couple of weeks, or at least that’s the plan. I want to catch up on reading, writing, etc, and not obsessively check Twitter and Facebook every four and a half minutes, you know? I leave you with what is theoretically an embedded video but which may not work, so if it doesn’t, you can watch my toddler learn to headbang to hair band rock here. :) Internet fasting commencing in three…two…one…now.